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How Did You Score On Our Blockchain Value Quiz? Find Out Here …

August 12, 2018


How Did You Score On Our Blockchain Value Quiz? Find Out Here …

Our initial quiz results are in and they are surprisingly strong!

It seems most of our community DO know how to value blockchain assets! Here are the questions we asked and the correct answers:

Question 1: Answer A ($15,788.75)

The huge growth multiplied by the FUTR increase of over 8 times makes for an astonishing 30 times increase over the invested capital on a discounted net present value basis.

Question 2: Answer B ($4.2 million)

Astonishingly, despite a falling market, Mary is $4.2 million in profit on her trade due to MNY’s hyperinflation-adjusted returns rubbing off on the value of COE. This answer illustrates the power of proof-of-value perhaps better than any other example.

Question 3: Answer B (23,182%)

The answer to this question shows how MNY and COE and other digital notes are not pyramid-correlated in terms of their net returns; this trade, for example, happens right in the middle of the MNY cycle!

  1. Rainbow

    The answers are obvious, but the formula for the answers will be a question.

    • Daniel M. Harrison

      Hi there! Actually, the formula is in the White Paper. Just read a few pages in and you'll find it. It's nothing unusual or esoteric - in fact, it's about as plain vanilla as it gets since it is a standard discounted NPV cashflow formula which we use to figure out the values and that is what is so unusual. Because in effect we have a synthetic income strip on this currency it allows for the formulation of values along standard GAAP accounting rules in this case!

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