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Take A Look At This Awesome Explanation of Synthchain!

September 1, 2018


Take A Look At This Awesome Explanation of Synthchain!

Given the complexity of the technology and the way smart contracts are used in Synthchain it can be hard to make sense of what’s going on between all the smart contracts. So last night, guided by Carl Latchford, the Synthchain Chairman, the Synthchain team issued a nice, quick and easy-to-grasp explanation of Synthchain core utility:

By using Synthchain, when investing in crypto, your chances of making profits are greatly increased. As trading volumes on the Synthchain go up, your chances of making a profit increase too. By utilising the Synthchain the likelihood that you will beat the other players in the market is naturally stacked in your favour.

One of our own community members posted the following exceptionally-received explanation:

A member of the Synthchain community commented:

“That analogy by Hans is the kind of thing that should be advertised to the public, should be on the web page etc, I would think that if there is any more advertising getting done then that kind of analogy should be there.”

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